Monday, July 31, 2017

Walk towards the Mountain!

This week has been really fun!  The first thing was we had interviews with our new mission president.  Interviews went really well and he gave me some good hints into how to try and find new people to teach.  He also told me that my kids will be serving in the Busan Korea mission in the future and that was interesting.  We will see if he is right haha
We had one of our investigators take us to the beach this week and it was so pretty and we found a starfish! There was no one on the beach because Koreans don't swim.

Then last night we had a really cool experience.  So all of our appointments got cancelled on us so we decided to go and make message cards and just drop them off to some of the members.  So we went and dropped of our last message card and we were going to go and try and talk to people on our way home.  So we were walking and I felt like we needed to go towards this mountain and so we started walking towards it.  And as we were walking we got stopped by this river so I was trying to figure out how we could walk towards this mountain, if maybe there was a bridge we could cross.  And while we were looking at the river this couple pulled up and we started talking to us.  And they invited us in to have coffee with them at their shop.  And that does not happen at all in Korea.  We were super surprised and super excited.  So we went to their shop with them and it turns out it was a quilting shop, and I started talking to her about how my grandma quilts and just about quilting.  And how a lot of people in Utah quilt and now she wants to go to Utah haha.  We ended up talking with them for a long time about our purpose as missionaries, why we are in Korea, their family, and just a lot of stuff.  And it was a really good experience, they didn't have any church interest.  But it definitely was a positive touch in their lives.  But we're going to try and visit them again later.  It definitely was where the Lord wanted us at the time and I am so grateful that we followed the Spirit and walked towards the mountain.

Another thing that happened this week was we had another investigator come to church! She is super cute and we met her on the road and we asked her when we could meet again and she said she could come to church with us.  And it was super good!  She had a ton of fun and we are meeting with her again today and we are super excited about it!  We also got a new investigator this week that scares me so bad.  We met her on the road.  So we will see how this week goes with meeting her.

Oh I forgot to add this, we made rice crispies for a ward activity because we had to make an American snack and they were a huge hit!  Koreans have never had them before.  The pictures is of one of the members he LOVED them and he kept holding the pan and just eating them saying how good they were and how he was going to get fat.  It was so funny they were all fighting over who had the pan and they ate them all super fast!


Korean ice cream! Yum!

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