Monday, August 7, 2017


This week has been interesting....
We have an investigator that we met on the street a few weeks ago.  Okay let me start from the beginning.... so my first transfer in 울산(ulsan) I noticed this girl on a couple of our bus rides because she would sit super straight in her seat and she just looked super uncomfortable.  Sidenote, the Elders had a stalker that they met on the road that followed them for a couple of hours and looked possessed and was chasing them all over the town until they could lose her and they were really scared of her.  So a couple of weeks ago we were outside walking home and we noticed the girl from the bus and started to talk to her and she was nice so we got her number and told her we would meet her later.  But somehow we lost her number and we couldn't find it so we couldn't call her.  But then we met her again on the street and got her number again and set up a meeting.  But every time we have met her I have a weird feeling, not a bad feeling and my companion doesn't feel anything so we thought it was okay to keep meeting her.  And we have met with her one other time and it went good and she wanted to learn English so we had her come to our English class.  Well she came to our English class and the Elders started freaking out because she was the girl that was stalking them a couple of weeks ago!!!!!  It was so weird.  And she started acting so weird in English class she would only sit there and not talk to us and her eyes would roll in the back of her head and she would just stare at the Elders pointing at them and mumbling weird words, it was so creepy.  We were all freaked out, but if I started talking to her she would go back to normal, but if I stopped talking to her she would go to her weird self, it was so creepy and she was just talking to herself and it was like she was possessed because some times she would just ignore us all or start laughing.  But we had a member there who is a little off and she started talking to her at the end and they became super good friends and now were having a lesson with her and the member this week and it will be interesting..... will see how it goes but we are thinking she might have Schizophrenia...

We also have a new investigator from China!  She is so cute!  So it's really cool her mom is from North Korea and she escaped to China, where she got married to a Chinese man and then had her, and then she got divorced.  Moved to Australia learned English and then moved to Korea where she got refuge citizenship.  And then her daughter came to Korea to live with her!  It was super cool hearing her story so now were teaching her daughter and we are super excited!!

We also have been going around with the Elders and visiting members houses and singing to them and sharing a scriptures with them and leaving and it has been really fun!  We have gotten such a better relationship with the members and it it has been really fun!

I am also staying in my area for another transfer with my same companion and it's going to be super fun!
love you all

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