Monday, September 18, 2017

T-Minus 6 weeks and counting

This week we had transfer calls and I will now be only a one area missionary!!  Our areas got split! So I am now only in Shinjeong and I am a Sister Training Leader with my same companion!  So that means we will be together for 3 transfers!  So we will see what the Lord has in plan for us this transfer.

This week we went to one of our member's houses and we taught her how to make carrot cake and brownies, because they LOVE them and you can't find them in Korea.  It was so fun and they were so excited!  They even taught me how to make a cucumber kimachi and so now I am so excited that I can make it when I am home!!!

We also went with one of our members and got Japanese food and so there are pictures of that.  It was really funny, we set an appointment with one of our members in one of our branches and another member from a different branch showed up and we were super confused.  It turns out they have become like best friends 2 weeks ago and are going on vacations together and hang out all the time it was super funny.
We also had mission tour this week!  Which was super fun!  We got to go back to Degu and it was super fun!  We had to get up at 4am because we had other sisters staying the night with us.  It was super fun and we learned so much!  It is so crazy how the mission is changing and how we talk to people and find people is changing.  So it will be super interesting to see how it continues.

We also got to music night this week where our whole zone performed a songs that we have been practicing.  It turned out really good, we had a lot of people show up and during it we had people who have been baptized in the last year share their testimonies.

We also went with Jen, our investigator, and she wanted to go and show us a King's Garden.  So we went to the King's Garden and after ate lunch with her and gave her the commitment to read the Book of Mormon with real intent.  So we will see how that will go!

Well love you tons!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Things are okay......

So I want to update you all on this week.  The biggest thing is our investigator didn't get baptized.  We haven't been able to meet with her and her mom since we heard that she couldn't get baptized.  So it was super sad, but the good news is she came to church on Sunday!  So there is still hope in the future for her.  We are planning and focusing on visiting her and her mom and try to get permission before the end of this transfer.

We also had interviews this week and we ended up going to Busan last minute.  And when I say last minute, we got told a couple of hours before we had to go up so we had to cancel all our plans for the day.  But it was super fun we got to see one of our single couples in the mission before we left and we had a really good interview.  We got told that we have to use our talents when we go and talk to people and it will be interesting.  I have a problem because Korean girls don't like sports so I already know that I can't play volleyball to find people.  So I am trying to find out what talents I have that I can use.

 We went to a service project this week where we served food to a bunch of old grandmas and grandpas.  And I have never met more picky people in my life!  All I was doing was putting a pepper on a plate, but I was getting told how many, where to put them, what size the have to be, make sure there was enough sauce with it, and more.  I didn't know you could put peppers on a plate so many ways!!

We also taught primary this week because all of our ward primary teachers got released and it was crazy.  While I was teaching the lesson I turned around and wrote something on the board and when I turned around everyone in the room was gone including the teacher and my companion was just sitting there listing to me it was really funny.  Korean kids are really hard to control because they don't listen to you and they just kick really hard, so next week will be a challenge.  But it will be a fun challenge.

Nothing much sorry this is boring, but I love you all!!!!
Have a fantastic week
이 자매

Also one of our members brought us a huge thing of grapes and my companion doesn't eat grapes sooooo I will be eating a ton of grapes this week!  

Monday, September 4, 2017

Yep missionary work

This week has been interesting.
So the biggest news has actually happened while I have been emailing.  Our investigator that has a baptism date for this Sunday, her mom just texted us and told us we don't have permission to baptize her yet..... so that is a bit of a shocker.  So we are going to try and meet with her this week and see if we can still get her mom's permission.  I'll keep you updated!

Other then that we have had a good week!  We found a really pretty look out place and we even found a investigator there that knew one of our members.  So we met with her again on Sunday with our church member.

We also went and had lunch with a couple of our ward members this week and they took us to a restaurant that gave us over 20 side dishes!  It was so much food, but it was super good.

I also went to the hospital with my comp this week because her foot was hurting her.  They ended up doing  acupuncture to her foot because that's what they do here for pain.  And she was in a little bit of culture shock and was freaking out the whole entire time telling them all that she wants to go to America.  So let's just say that Korean medicine and American medicine are completely different.
Sorry not too much this week.
Have a good week!!
 이 자매

Monday, August 28, 2017


This week has been a week full of miracles, let me explain...
The first miracle:
This week we decided to go and heart attack some of our member's doors.  So we went to their apartment complex and to get into their building you need a code.  Well we didn't have a code and it was pouring down rain and we didn't have an umbrella so we couldn't exactly sit and wait for someone to come home and walk in.  So we said a prayer and then we had the idea to go downstairs to the parking lot and try and find a way in through there.  And when we went downstairs, the door that we needed to go up to her house was wide open while all the other doors were locked.  Then we went and to do another member's and we had the same problem, so we prayed again went downstairs and someone was walking into the exact door that we needed to heart attack our members it was such a miracle.
The second miracle
Our ward mission leader took us out to a restaurant to eat dinner and while I was up grabbing food one of the staff ran up to me super excited to see me.  It took me a second to realize who she was.  I had met this girl on the bus over three times and I have met her while we were out talking to people over three times.  And this girl and I got along so well, but I could never get her number to meet again because she is in high school in the year where they take all of their tests and she is too busy to meet.  But there she was again before me, I truly thought a lot about her and I lost hope that I would ever see her again.  After talking to her for a while she gave me her number and she wants to meet with us again.  I am so so excited about that!
The third miracle
We were walking to a member's house this Sunday to go and have dinner with them.  And we started talking to this lady right in front of our member's house and while we were talking to her she invited us into her house to have some fruit and we called out members and they told us that it was okay if we were late and we went to this ladies house and started talking with her.  It was really cool she started telling us about her son.  He moved to America and bought a bike and he biked across all of America through Mexico and then down to Spain by himself, and he wrote a book about it.  And I was asking her if she was nervous about him while he was on this adventure and she said yes.  So I asked her how she got through it.  And she said prayer and reading her bible.  So then I started talking to her about prayer and how with our belief in God we are able to receive so much strength and now she wants us to come back again and meet with her again.  So we are super excited about that.
The Fourth Miracle
Our investigator is still getting baptized!!!!!  We taught her twice this week and it went super good and she still wants to get baptized and so I still think that is the biggest miracle.
This week has been a REALLY GOOD WEEK and I am so grateful for the Lord and for him answering my prayers.  I think something I have found on my mission is that the Lord will provide a way for you to do his work.  It doesn't matter the challenges that you have, if it's no people in your area, a bad companion, you're hurt, or something else.  That as long as you have faith and are trying, he will help you!  Sometimes it is not in the timing that you want, but it always is always worth the wait!
love you all
이 자매

Monday, August 21, 2017


This week has been super fun.  We had a huge activity with 2 of our investigators, a recent convert and the youth in our branch and it was super fun!  We taught them home to make american cookies and we had a like a cookie making competition.  We were also able to get a lesson in with our two investigators with some of the youth there and we taught them the plan of salvation.  And it was a really cool lesson.  It was so cool to hear the youth's testimonies and having them share them with our investigators, it was a really cool experience.  And one of our investigators has her baptismal date and were just trying to get her ready for baptism!!!!  So we're super excited!!!!!  And we're just trying to get as prepared as we can!

Also one day we were doing language study in the church and our mission president and his wife walked in.  They were doing interviews with some people and they came to the church and they did surprise inspections of our house.  Luckily our house was super clean so we were fine, but our elders got there closets emptied and the mission president sat on the ground of their bedroom showing them how to fold there garments ahhahaa

We also had exchanges this week and I was able to go to a new area for a couple of days and it was super fun.  We did a lot of street contacting and it was a super fun time.

No too much happened this week, but we found a volleyball net in out church so we are going to play volleyball today so I am super excited about that!

it's been raining a lot this week

me and 춘란 the girl who is getting baptized

My companion broke an egg by squeezing it  with her hand it got all over us. 

I drew a minions plan of salvation for our lessons

Monday, August 14, 2017


This week has been a really good week!!  We gave one of our investigators a baptism date and it went amazing!!  We're planning for her to get baptized on August 26.  Her mom is a less active and she is from china and she doesn't speak the best Korean and we don't know if she understands everything we say.  But she is wanting to get baptized and keeps wanting to meet with us.  She is coming to all of our activities and keeping all of our commitments and so if everything works out we will have a baptism soon!!

We also had another appointment with one of our investigators and it was a really good appointment. I met her on the bus a couple of weeks ago and we started doing the 30 30 program with her. Where we teach her 30mins of English and 30mins of the gospel.  She doesn't have any religion and we're teaching her about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father for the first time.  We taught her the restoration this week and the spirit was so strong and it was a really cool experience.  We all didn't know what to do after the lesson because we all didn't want to leave because of the spirit that was in the room.  So we're really excited to see how the next few weeks go!

We also went and did service at a soup kitchen this week with the Elders and it was really fun.  It's pretty much just us serving food to grandmas and grandpas and us getting told were pretty, so it's always a fun experience.
Thats about it have a good week!
love 이 자매!​