Monday, June 26, 2017

magical cockroach

So this week had been a week full of crazy adventures.  The first thing that happen was one of our investigators moved to Australia and is now trying to meet the missionaries there!  So we are super excited that she is continuing to meet with the missionaries!!
The next thing is we got to go hiking with one of our investigators form the Philippians.  She is so cute and she wanted to take us on a hike so we could have our weekly "prayer session" on the top of the mountain and it was super cool hike with all of these boulders everywhere.

The next thing that happened is it is getting super hot in Korea again.  And our AC is broken, so we have been having fans on all night to keep us cool.  And one night it was super hot so I went to get another fan.  And I didn't have my glasses on and I saw this black thing move... So I went and got my glasses on and this huge cockroach came out of nowhere and it was in our laundry room.  It is so big!!!  So my companion and I decided we had to kill it before we went to bed.  So we took everything out of the laundry room and would throw it out our door and we couldn't find it!  So we decided it was in our suitcases so we would take one of them out at a time and dump everything out and we still couldn't find it.  WE TOOK EVERYTHING OUT AND IT WAS NOT THERE!!  We have no clue where it was.  We decided it must of gone down the drain.  So we went to bed and then randomly it showed up again!!!!  The next night!  And so we did everything again and we still can't find that stupid cockroach!!  It is so bad!!  So yeah... the magical cockroach.
We also started teaching a new investigator through Skype.  She is too sick to leave her hospital and no one can visit her.  So we are teaching her through Skype and it's super interesting, we will see how it will go!!
It was also transfer day today and I got a new companion!!  She is super cute  and from Utah and I will send a picture and more info next week! Love ya!
이 자매​

Monday, June 19, 2017

1 YEAR!!!!

I HAVE BEEN IN KOREA FOR ONE YEAR!!!!  So because of that this week we have been trying to do things differently.  Especially our proselyting.  As missionaries it is really easy to get in a grove and stick with it.  And I am trying to get out of that grove because once we are out of our comfort zone that is when we see the miracles.  The Lord is always wanting to improve us, but it's when we are outside of our comfort zone.  So this week we went with the Elders and did white board proselyting.  We just wrote on a board, "What is a Mormon?" and then stood and just asked people questions.  We got a lot of weird looks and a lot of rejection.  But you could tell people were really interested because they would walk by and ask there friends what a Mormon was.  And if we could give them a card they would look at the card for a long time.  So it was really interesting.

My companion and I also this week did a proselyting activity where we couldn't say anything we normally say to people.  So it was super hard, but super funny.  We ended up going up to people saying we're Mormon, we are that church people(pointing to our church), or I am American and she is not American(pointing to my companion), what is the elder church believe in?  It was really awkward and funny, but as we have been doing these different activities we are seeing more people have interest in us and not just ignore us.  So that has been a really cool experience.

Also this week one day we were getting ready in the morning and we got a call from our AP's telling us we had to grab our 72 hour kits and leave right NOW and go to Busan.  And we had just gotten up so we were not ready at all so we asked if we could have 10 minutes to get ready and they said no we had to go now.  So we put on clothes and ran out of the door and got on a bus as fast as we could. And it was so funny, my companion has colored lenses and she only had one in when we got on the bus.  And our outfits were not the very good and we hadn't gotten ready at all. It ended up being a n emergency drill that turned into a conference to say good bye to President and Sister Barrow so we got to see all the missionaries randomly.  It was a super funny and fun experience.
Love 이 자매!!

Korean market

 My companion and me on the bus bored going to Busan

Our height difference

We had a ugly picture of an American subdivision in our house  so I covered it with pictures of Jesus hahah

Monday, June 12, 2017

Sports and Costco!!

This week has been pretty busy.  The first thing is we went to COSTCO this week.  It was really crazy, I felt like I was in America.  They had all the same food as the Costco, samples, and the food courts.  It was a really strange experience to feel like you were in America and then come out of the store and realize you are in Korea.  We also had a sports day with our stake and it was really fun.  In Korea most girls do not play sports, they normally just sit and watch.  But I got my companion to go and play soccer with all the boys and it was super fun and everybody was talking about how there was girls playing soccer with the boys hahah.  We also had a meeting in our stake to say good-bye to President and Sister Barrow.  It was super fun, we ended up getting put into this musical for them. Where they had some of the members start out playing I am a Child of God on their classical instruments and then the missionaries randomly came in with little kid musical instruments behind them.  It was super funny to see everyone face, but it turned out really good.  And it was a really great meeting, we helped some of the members share their testimonies in English that way Sister Barrow could understand it perfectly.  It was a really sweet experience! Have a good week!

Monday, June 5, 2017

grandmas and too much food!

This week has been an adventure!  We started off this week going on exchanges with our STL's and it was super fun. We did a lot of proselyting and I got to go and meet one of their investigators who is super cute.  She is 70 years old and she is loving the gospel.  She is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and she is praying.  She is so cute and it was such a fun experience to meet her and help teach her about the commandments.  It just showed me that no one is too old to change and accept this gospel!!
I don't think I have ever eaten so much good in my life until this week.  It started out with going over to some members' house and eating meals with them the first couple days this week. (And when you go to members houses you get a lot of food.)  But then one day we went and ate lunch with a member and then immediately went to another member's house for an appointment.  And this member is known for giving missionaries a lot of food.  And if you don't eat all the food she thinks it means she is a bad cook.  So you eat all the food she gives you!  And she come out with this huge bowl of this spicy noodle stuff and gives us a huge overflowing bowl (about the size of a volleyball) to my companion.  And then to me she gave this huge bowl of a full chicken in a broth with potatoes and a little bowl of the spicy noodle stuff.  So we started eating it and I got half way through my soup and I finished my noodles and I looked over at my companion and she couldn't eat the spicy noodles because it was to spicy for her hahaah.  So we switched bowls and I ate all of her noodles and she finished off the little bit of soup that was left and we thought we were good, but then she came out with even more food............ and I think my companion and I turned white.  So we ate that food and then she came out with a whole watermelon and cut it up for us to eat it all.  And I really don't think I have ever felt so full it was disgusting!!  I ended up throwing it all up in the bathroom because it was just too much food and then later that night we went and ate even more food at another member's house............. I am still full and that was 4 days ago!!
Well I hope everyone has a good week! Love you tons!!
이 자매!