Monday, April 24, 2017

Buddha's Birthday

So this week while we were trying to get home we found out that it was Buddha's birthday because there was a huge parade going on in the middle of our buses route.  And it was super funny when we walked up to our bus to try and figure out how to get home with the parade going, we got so much stuff!  We had this little boy run up to us and give us flowers, and we got a lot of stuff in the 5 mins we were there.  We couldn't stop laughing.  We even got one of the parade decorations from someone. And it all was because I am white.
But this week has been a weird week.  For some reason this week, every single person we have been teaching won't answer our texts or calls and we have had to drop them all.  And it's really confusing, sometimes on the mission you feel like you are doing good and you're actually doing good missionary work.  But then the Lord has a different idea for you and you lose everyone and have to start over again.  I am not going to lie it's really frustrating, but I am learning from it.
Also this week we went to go to our service activity at a women's shelter and we normally go with a american sister in our ward, but this week her car broke down so we couldn't go, so we ended up teaching her Korean as our service activity and then for our English class I ended up teaching Korean to a Philippine member in our ward.  So it's been fun teaching something other then English this week!

Waiting for our bus

A statue in memory of Korean girls who were kidnapped during World War II  

Buddha's birthday parade

The flowers

At McDonalds!

Monday, April 17, 2017


Happy Easter!
This week for Easter we went to our American family's house in the ward with two of our investigators and had Easter dinner with them.  It turned out to be a day full of miracles!  The first one was one of our investigators came to sacrament meeting for the first time ever with her daughter!  We have been trying to get them to come, but because they have ballet class and violin class they haven't been able to come, but because it was Easter they were able to come!  Then later that night when we were having dinner with them the little girl told us she wanted to be baptized!  So we were all super excited about that.  We then taught an Easter lesson and it ended up being all the kids in the house teaching us about why the resurrection is so important!  So we couldn't have had a better night!  Today we went and visited a chocolate museum which was really funny.  So it was just one room filled with things next to pieces of chocolates.  For example they had a nativity scene on top of gold chocolate coins, or they had a vase that they said you could put chocolate in if you wanted.  It was a really funny museum.
We also went on a really cool hike with our Relief Society in our ward this week and we were able to see the Jeju divers!  So that was really cool!
Everyone have a good week!!

Photos of Sister Lee!!

A kind sister from Sister Lee's mission sent me these photos through Instagram.  She said, "She is amazing and we all love her!"  I asked Sister Lee about her and she said, "she is a super cute girl from the Philippines here who is a member. She makes the best bread recipes and they are all super healthy and super good!"

This was a fun surprise to get!! I sure love and miss that redhead!

Monday, April 10, 2017


This week has been full of rain and wind and they do not mix.  It has been super fun, we have gone through a couple of umbrellas and have had a lot of laughs.  This transfer is going to be super fun.  My new companion is (김민수 kim minsu).  And she is the cutest Korean!  We are STL's on our island, so that means we will be taking a lot of airplane flights this transfer!  We were suppose to take a flight this week for a meeting in Busan, but because of the fog our flight got delayed for a couple of hours.  So we were trying to find a new flight and it ended up that the Elders and us were running around the airport for a couple of hours and on the phone with our AP's trying to find a flight.  The Elders were able to get a flight, but.... we weren't able to get one.  So we ended up just Skyping into the meeting which was also eventful.  We couldn't hear what anyone was saying so we had to call them and have them hold the phone up to their mouth so we could hear.  It was really funny meeting, but we are glad that we got to attend the meeting!  This week we were finally able to watch General Conference with our ward.  Because my companion right now is Korean we did a split with the members.  So while my companion was watching General Conference with the members, I watched it with all of our English Elders in a different room.  Which was super fun!  I learned a lot this General Conference and I learned that General Conference is so personal for everyone.  No matter who you are or where you are, it applies to you.  You can always learn from it and progress in the gospel.  For p-day we went to a optical illusion museum and a Greek museum and it was super fun.  So I hope you all enjoy a ton of pictures!  I love you all!! ​

Monday, April 3, 2017

BAPTISM and cherry blossoms

Hey this week has been super exciting!! We had a BAPTISM this week for 김은주 and it went amazing!  We had a little stress because they started doing construction on the baptismal font and bathrooms a couple days before the baptism.  But after a lot of negotiation we were able to do the baptism through the construction with freezing cold water, which was a blessing.  I am so happy for her!  It is really cool to see the change in someone while they are preparing for baptism and I am glad I have been able to see her change.  We also had a really fun proselyting activity we did the other day. In Korea right now there is a huge cherry blossom festival going on so the missionaries in my area decided to go and do a face painting and balloon animal booth to attract families so we can talk to people about the gospel.  And it was a huge a success!  We were able to get a lot of contacts and it was just all around a good experience!  It was super pretty too because of all the cherry blossom trees and lanterns that were everywhere.  But I don't have very much time to email because of transfers and I get a new companion!!!
Everyone have a good week!