Monday, June 27, 2016

Miri Young

This week has been pretty fun.  I am in 미래 양 (miri young).  It is a small area in the county side.  We have about 15 members in our branch.  It contains about three bigger cites (they are all pretty small) in the middle and a lot country area outside.  We spend most of our days proselyting in the three larger cities.  I finally convinced my companion during the week to go into the country side and it turns out that there was nobody our there but men! And we are not allowed to talk to me so we ended up just going back home.
We ate a meal with one of our members this week and it was super good and called bean n bop.  Once we were finished with our food she started to cut up theses huge tomatoes and put them in front of us to eat.  And I hate tomatoes.  So I started to pray to Heavenly Father for me to eat those tomatoes and not gag.  I had to say a huge prayer to get those tomatoes down.  Let's just say that miracles are real and that I ate all of those tomatoes.
I have found this thing in Korea called banana milk.  And I am in love with it!  It is my new addiction.  So if you ever find banana milk in a store buy it because it is so good!!  They also have super good fruit and they sell it everywhere.
We go and do this service activity every week at an old persons retirement home.  Usually we just clean, but this week they wanted us to sing to them in English.  When they asked that my companion and I just looked at each other.  We ended up singing primary songs and we had one of the ward members with us and she can speak a little English.  When we started to sing she was belting out the songs.  It didn't even matter that half the words were wrong.  And it was just so bad... but they loved it.  Next week we're planning to bring the Elders with us so we're are not alone singing to them.

We had a zone P-day today and we went and visited one of the Buddhist temples. 

Here's some answers to your questions Mom.  So everyday we mostly go out and proselyte to people on the street and we have gone door knocking twice.  We have one investigator in out area and she is getting baptized on the 2nd!!  We are super excited!!  We have a washer in our apartment so we do our wash and then hang it dry.  We do get fed by members at least once a week.  I am in a really small city and we have about 13 members come regularly to our branch so there are not many here to feed us. 

Love you all!

Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm in Korea!!!

Getting to the airport from the MTC was a adventure.  We ended up having to take the tracks and the train to get to the airport.  It was a adventure with about 20 missionaries with all of their stuff trying to get on and off with the trains.  It was adventure and while I was trying to get my luggage into the airport one of them fell and a guy walked up and grabbed and said, "You are struggling, let me help you"  and just started to walk off my my bag and I started to panic thinking he might steal my bag, but he didn't, so that was fun.
Our plane went from Salt Lake to Portland, to Japan, and then to Korea. It was a pretty long plane ride, but luckily it went by pretty fast.  Once we got to Korea we were met by are our mission president and they drove us to their home and we spent the night there with them.
The next morning we woke up and me our future trainers, we didn't know who would be with who until later.  And we went and proselyted on the streets.  And it was funny because all I can say is "hello" and "we are missionaries" and then once that was done I was stuck and so I would just look at my companion like a deer in the headlights for her to say the rest.
So my new companion is Sister Gomez.  She is super nice and from Hawaii. Our area is Midijong. and it is so HOT!!!  I can't tell you how hot Korea is!!  I never thought that Korea would be hotter than Texas, but it for sure is. So I am over here sweating.
I have found that I stick out in Korea like a sore thumb.  People are constantly pointing and staring at me.  They will even pull over to the side of the road and take pictures of me it is so weird!  On Sunday this drunk guy saw us and by us I mean me and he bought us drinks because he likes "white people" it is such a weird feeling sticking out and having everyone looking at me.
We don't have much time or I would add more stories so maybe i'll write them next week love you all!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

From Sister Lee's Mission President

Korea Busan Mission
Dongnae P.O. Box 73
Busan, Korea 607-600

17 June 2016

Dear Brother & Sister Lee,

Sister Jayne Ann Lee arrived in the Korea Busan Mission on June 14, 2016.  Sister Barrow and I had the choice opportunity of greeting your daughter at the airport and welcoming her to Busan.  Even after a lengthy flight, she is in good health and spirits and we look forward to serving with her.  She is a fine young missionary and will be an asset to the mission.  We have been anticipating her arrival and it was wonderful to meet her.  We will care for her as we would for one of our own as she labors in the mission field.  We understand the concerns, hopes and prayers of priesthood leaders and loved ones.  We want each of the missionaries in the Korea Busan Mission to have a rich, growing and successful experience.  Be assured that should a time of special concern arise, I will notify you immediately.

Enclosed are three photographs: (1) a group picture taken at the airport upon arrival; (2) a photograph of your daughter with Sister Barrow and me that was taken the day after she arrived; and (3) a photograph of your daughter with her first companion, Sister Shannon Gomez, from Hau’ula, Hawaii.  Your daughter has a good attitude and a desire to serve the Lord.  We spent time together and had an opportunity to visit privately together in the Mission Home.  We are grateful for her worthiness and for her willingness to serve, and we pray that the Lord will bless and strengthen your family through her service.

Missionary work in the Busan Mission is new and exciting, and our missionaries find great rewards in serving the Lord here.  Sister Lee will learn much about herself, our Savior Jesus Christ and His gospel as she serves with all her heart, might, mind and strength in the Lord's work.  She will come to understand her role as a disciple of Christ. (3Ne. 5:13)

We thank you for your support and ask you to write regular encouraging letters and send faith promoting experiences to her. We know that as Sister Lee works with all her heart, might, mind and strength she will have a most amazing missionary experience.  We know you will experience the miracle that is missionary work through your daughter’s fine diligent efforts.

Packages from home are always welcome and most products will arrive safely and not incur any customs fees.  Feel free to send packages via DHL, courier services, or through the mail.  US International Priority Mail is fast and provides several fixed-price boxes that do not have specific weight restrictions.  We check with our post office every day, so if you use the post office box address below, your package will be picked up immediately and delivered quickly and safely:

            Sister Jayne Lee
            Korea Busan Mission
            Dongnae PO Box 73
            South Korea

Please feel free to call or write at any time if you have questions or concerns.

Kenneth S. Barrow
Korea Busan Mission President

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Hey mamma this is for you! 
They just gave us the opportunity now to email you and tell you that I am in Korea!!! So we got to Korea at like 11 at night and went straight to the mission home and slept. And then they took us to go out and proselyte. SO I am here in KOREA!! Safe and sound. It was so good to be able to hear from you guys yesterday and it just made my day. I'll email you more about my experience when they give me more time on Monday! Love you all!!!! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sister Lee should be in Korea

Monday we got to talk to Sister Lee while she was waiting at the airport to fly to Korea.  It was so good to hear her voice and hear that she was doing well!  She was excited and a little bit nervous for everything to come.  Mainly she was concerned about her Korean.  They had a layover in Portland and she told us that her companion and her were the only white people on their flight to Japan.  From Japan and they took another flight to Korea.  No news from her so far, but her flight was tracked and landed.  We can't wait to hear from her and hear all about Korea!  Keep her in your prayers!!

Here is the Korean Mission Home Address:

Sister Jayne Ann Lee
Korea Busan Mission
Dongnae PO Box 73
South Korea

Or you can email her at:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Korea I'm coming for you!

This week we got our travel plans and we leave for Korea on Monday!!!  I can't believe that time my time in the MTC has already flown by and that it is our turn to leave.

So a big thing that happened this week is that Elder BEDNAR came and spoke to us.  I don't think my companion and I have ever been so excited.  We were in the choir so we skipped dinner just so that we could get good seats.  We got to sing his song, One By One, that he just wrote and we were the debut of it.  It was such a cool experience and they are going to publish the song in the Ensign.

A couple of other things happened this week. The first thing is that I almost gave this kid in our district a concussion.  I was throwing goldfish to people to catch in their mouth and I threw the first one to him really short.  I need a retry so I threw the next one perfect, but he overcorrected and swung his head back (I have no idea what he was thinking) and slammed his head on the way.  When he did this all of his stuff fell off his desk and the goldfish hit him in the face.  It took our district 10 minutes to stop laughing and he ended up having to go to the clinic to get his head check up on.  So now I am not allowed to be with that district during study time.

Also this week my companion and I have started this war with the Koreans in our district.  It started off with one of the Koreans scaring us when we came out of our dorm and it has been on since.  So the other day my companion and I got home before everyone. So we ran into their room and sat in one of their closets for at least 15 minutes waiting for them to get home so we could scare them.  Once we also hid under the one of their beds to scare them because the Korean that keeps scaring us doesn't not get scared easy.  Let's just say that this has been an interesting experience.

We also have been teaching our investigators and it has been such a cool experience. This week our lessons have gone amazing and the spirit has been so strong in them.  So we must be doing something right!
Love you all, talk to you when I am in Korea!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Ok so this week has really been a pretty normal week in the MTC.  We have been studying Korean consistently and we leave for Korea in 2 WEEKS!!  We started skype TRC this week and let's just say that it was very interesting.  So we planned our lesson and we were feeling really confident. And once we sat down at the computer it was interesting.  We mustered our way through the lesson and I think that we were able to get our message across to her, but it was so hard to actually understand her.  She did not sound like she was speaking Korean, but some weird language that they did not teach us.
For some reason this week me and my companion have had to be in a rush everywhere we are going.  We were going to go to choir practice and we found out that we both had packages in the mail and we had to get them before choir practice and we just got our food for dinner and we had about 5 minutes to eat and to go to choir and get our packages.  And I am telling you I have never eaten a wrap so fast.  I ate it in less than a minute and a half.  Thanks for the packages by the way!  And then we had to go to choir practice a different day and I was eating my a piece of cheesecake and I only wanted one bite, but instead my companion took my plate and stuck my fork into the cheesecake and ran off with my tray and I didn't know what to do so in a panic i just shoved the cheesecake into my mouth because they don't have trash cans anywhere! Well so we ran out of the cafeteria and my mouth was still full of cheesecake trying to get everything done that we needed to it was interesting.
This week has been pretty boring, sorry!  We are going to get our travels plans sometimes this week.  So we are super excited about that!!
Love you all!!

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