Monday, September 26, 2016

자 매

This week we had another earthquake!!! SO CRAZY so it happened on Monday night again while we were having FHE.  It's so crazy that the 2 earthquakes we have had have been on Monday nights.  We're looking forward to see if that will be a trend, Earthquake Mondays on in Korea.

We cancelled our first English class and are starting up a new English class because we only had the same people coming so we were wanting to switch it up and try and get new investigators to come that we can invite to church.  So because of this we have been English proselyting and trying to get new people to come to our class.

This week we were proselyting and we saw a group of boys about 16 smoking (super common in Korea everyone and their dog smokes).  And we went up and started talking to them.  The whole time they were trying to hide that they were smoking, but it was pretty obvious.  So finally they got rid of their cigarettes and we started talking to them about english and how they should come to our class.  And then another group of their friends walked by and so they made them talk to us.  And we ended up getting all of their numbers and we're hoping they will show up to our English class.

We also had a crazy experience on Sunday.  We had just had a meeting in the church and the Elders and us were the only ones left in the church.  So we were about to leave and the Elders came running up to us and told us that there was a guy that we all met when we were English proselyting that was here at the church and he wanted us to all teach him.  So we answered his questions, but he kept telling us he wanted physical proof of faith, and of John the Beloved still being on the earth, and kept saying stuff about that.  He wasn't really wanting to listen to what we had to say.  So my companion handed him a Book of Mormon and said if you really want to have proof read the book, all of the book and pray.  And so he said he will read the whole book by our next appointment and so we were shocked, so will see the outcome at our lesson next week.

We also played soccer with our youth on Saturday and I scored two goals on them and they were all super surprised. Yes one of them was it hitting me and going into our own goal, but it still was a goal. But the other one was actually me kicking it into the right goal.  But hey it's still 2 goals!!!

Somehow we got roped into the Elders' service project.  Now I get to play and feed horses and dogs and scoop their poop every week!!!  We are super excited about that, they even have a horse name JAYNE!!!  So that horse and I are best friends now!!

Love you all
이 자매

Monday, September 19, 2016

Earthquakes and JAIL‏

This week we had 3 EARTHQUAKES and they were pretty big ones 5.3!!  That is the strongest one I have felt while on my mission!!  We were having FHE at the church all of the sudden out of nowhere the church started shaking and I jumped up and started freaking out and everyone else was just still sitting calm.  You can still tell earthquakes are a new thing for me, but we continued with FHE and then like 30 mins later another one happened when we were leaving and this one was even bigger.  So we all decided to go home.  We weren't very excited to go home because our house is on stilts.  Like there is only 6 little pillars holding our house off the ground.  When we got inside our home the elders came up and told us we weren't allowed to be in our house for a while.  So we grabbed a bunch of stuff and waited outside of our house until we got the clear to go inside.  But let's just say we were praying hard that night that we weren't going to die in out house.  Then the next morning during our studies we had another earthquake!!!  Ahh so crazy, but that was all the earthquakes for this week.

It also was a Korean holiday this week.  So we went to Busan and did a 5k run there and ate lunch.  It was super fun I got to see Kim and Brady (my MTC companion and my favorite Korean ever).
Also because this week was a holiday no one was out.  It was pretty much like Thanksgiving, but in Korea.  So instead we baked cookies for the whole entire ward and made message cards to give them.

It also has been poring raining this week.  So we have been getting super wet.  One day on our way to an activity the elders called us and told us they had forgot their umbrellas at the church.  And so we had to go pick them up.  Well it was raining so bad that day that by the time we got to the church to get them, we were soaked.  There was not one spot that was dry because the rain decided to go horizontal instead of vertical, Korean rain is so weird like that sometimes.  But it makes life fun!!

We also went to JAIL this week.  Our elders have a investigator in jail and we wanted to meet him so we went with them.  And it was the weirdest thing.  I could escape from a Korean jail so easy!!!  They have no barb wire or dogs.  It's just a building, no fences or nothing!!!!  It was so weird.  The guy even came in with no handcuffs, and when the visit was over he left and put himself in jail!!!! I am still shocked by this.  Like completely shocked, Koreans are such nice people even in jail! Wow!

But this week has been a good week. Love you all!!!

Sister Kim my favorite Korean

5k race

Monday, September 12, 2016


Ahhh this week has been so much fun!!  Can I just say that I love Koreans!!  I think they are all just super cute and funny!  I survived week 1 with my new companion!!  her name is 김혜령 (kim- hey-rong) and she is just super cute.  And guess what she can speak English super well!!  She went to BYU before coming on her mission.  She is from Seoul and I just love her!!!!
This week has been super fun and interesting.  My companion lost her voice so I have had to do most of the speaking. So it's crazy and pretty funny, but I hope I am getting better with Korean.  I found out that my like tone and how I have been speaking Korean sounds funny when I ask them.  So she has been working with me to improve it.  And it is so funny, we will be walking down a road and I will just keep saying the same sentence over and over until I get it right.  I am pretty sure I am going to start driving her crazy! but hey I am learning Korean!!
We had a YM and YW activity this week.  And we decided to play ninja with them.  And I don't think I have ever played such a weird game of ninja in my life.  They were super slow when they would go to try and hit some one, like so slow.  And most of the time they were just trying to get away from everyone, so no one could reach them.  My companion and I were chasing after them to try and play the game with them.  Let's just say that Koreans are not competitive at all!
We also had our investigator come to church again!  And it is so crazy to see her progress with the missionaries!!  She actually will talk to us now and joke and she now gets involved in what we are doing.  It's an amazing thing to see.  So we're super excited to see her progressing.  The church is true!!!

Here is some picture of Miryang.. so pretty!
Love 이 자매

Monday, September 5, 2016

Fishing and Transfers!!‏

This week some pretty big things have happened.  The biggest one is transfers!!  I have been in Korea for 12 weeks now ahhhhh!!! So I am still staying in my area, but I got a new companion today!! She is from Seoul and she is a super cute Korean.  It's going to be so fun serving with her!!
This week because of transfers we went and visited a lot of people to tell them one of us was going and one was staying.  We went and visited a lady from our english class and her son.  And they are my favorite!!  When we got there her son meet us at the bus station.  Once we got to there house  Anjongeh had made chicken for us and had a ton of stuff for us to do together planned!  So once we had eaten Anjongeh comes out with this black corn still on the cob.  And she looks at me and said, "Make popcorn."  I didn't know what to say.  I looked over at my companion and we just laughed and said, "Okay we'll try."  First we tried taking the corn off the cob and putting it in the microwave, but it didn't pop for some reason and we just ended up burning her bowl.... oppps.  So after the popcorn.  She told us we were going to go fishing.  And she pulls out these two fishing poles.  And I have never seen fishing poles like them before.  They just kind of extended over 40 feet when you held them downwards.  And then on the end there was just like a tiny red string.  So we asked her how to use them.  And she told us "I don't know, you two are fishing experts figure it out".... and we just started laughing and said okay.  So somehow we got a hook on the end of the pole and we went fishing.  And it was so funny.  She doesn't like worms so she gave us this play dough like bait stuff to put on the ends of our poles, but once it touched the water it would dissolve.  So we just kept putting it on the hooks because "we no like worms" haha.  We didn't catch any fish, but it was okay because they are just so fun to be with.  And talking to them in their broken English is best thing.
I also had a meeting with our recent convert.  And she taught me slang the whole entire time.  So now I have been using slang and it just so fun.  My favorite thing is when grandmas tell me I'm pretty I tell them "You shouldn't fly a plane" And I have no idea what it means exactly, but they love it when I tell them that.
Love you all