Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week 2

So this week has been interesting yesterday we had DALLIN H OAKS!!! come and speak to us and talked on preach my gospel and how we can use it more effectively and it was such a great talk.  And i also sang in the choir again with my you know that i am being forced to sing in the choir because it is a traditions and you cannot break traditions.  So this week in class we are mostly just learning Korean and working on our lessons for our investigators.

 We also started TRC this week and once we went into the room my mind literally went blank and i couldn't remember a single work or letter in Korean so lets just say i am really good at charades.  Are lessons to our investigators are getting better as time goes on.  I think they are actually starting to understand what we are saying which is good, because we have no idea what we are saying to them.

The food here is literally he best I get to have milk with every meal and the cereal is the best.  It's been constantly raining here so we haven't been able to go outside that much.  But on one of the days when it was sunny our teacher took us outside and for some reason he wanted to have a race.  He ended up relating it back to stress after.  But we literally had a race, so him and the other elder ran off and started the race but i was wearing the flow-est dress and any gust of wind would of picked it up so when they started running i was completely shocked and i pretty much was holding down my dress to catch up with them.  It was literally the most awkward but funniest thing ever.

I also got my package this week Mom and it was huge!!  I was so happy and everyone was making comments on how big the box actually is.  But it came at the best time because we hadn't eaten anything that day and so it was seriously the best.

Love you all!

My Zone District

My companion and the senior district girls we live with

My Companion and one of the Senior district girls

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Welcome to the MTC

The first day at the MTC was very busy you get moved around from place to place and you just keep getting a lot of the same information you have heard before repeated back to you.  And EVERYONE says "welcome to the MTC" and the first couple of times it seems really nice but after 300 time of hearing it you are done with it.  So my companion is Sis. Brady she is from Texas and i love her.  We get along so well and it is great.  So the first day at the MTC they put you in your class to start learning your language and by the end of the day we knew the korean alphabet and they only speak to you in korean so I am getting really good at charades.  We pretty much are in the class room all day either studying or studying and if were really lucky we get to study.  But its great we can really tell that the gift of tongues is real because you learn so much in such a little time of only one week. My district is just me and my companion and Elder Paul.  So we are going strong with just the three of us.  But its really nice because we get more one on one attention from our teachers.  I get to play volleyball everyday and i love it because we are actually not studying during that time!!  And the food here is lets just say interesting.... so I'm going strong with the cereal and salads.  Our Zone is so cool.  We are half english speaking and half native koreans.  Korea doesn't have a MTC so when people in korea get called to go to korea they come to the provo MTC to learn to be a missionary and get sent out to provo utah for three weeks and then they ship them back to korea.  So its super cool to try and talk to them and learn more korean or how to actually speak korean. Our schedules here in the MTC are super booked.  We really don't have anytime to ourselves we are seriously going from one thing to another and we are in the class room for like 12 hours a day.  But its good because we are learning the language but i'm slowly dying at the same time because I just want to move around!!!!  For our Sunday devotional we had the BYU's men's choir come and sing to us and it was so cool and we were not in the classroom!!!!!  And on Sundays we got to hear from one of the 70s and we sang in the choir because my district in musical and i am not but it was really fun.  I have been able to play volleyball this week everyday so gym time is my favorite because i can actually move.  But this week is great i am not going to lie the MTC is super hard and i am more stressed out then i have ever been but i am loving it!!  So if you want send me packages and mail because i seriously love getting them!!

Love you all!!!

This is me and my companion

 Our Korean district and my district

Me and my companion with our zone leaders

Friday, April 15, 2016

Jayne is Alive!!

They are giving us a short time to just let you know that i am alive in the MTC and not dead and that i survived the first couple of days at the MTC!  If you want you can send me food like salsa and chips!  because i have seriously been craving that all day since i have been here!!
 I love you guys and i miss you more then i know.  And did you know that i have been saying hello wrong the whole entire time GOOGLE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!  I know the Korean alphabet now and am starting to learn to read but it is so crazy hard and i sound like a one year old trying to speak it. I dont have very long to email so i have to go but just know i love you and miss you!!

PS my PD is on Wednesday and i can call home on mothers day!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Contact Info

This is Jayne's Sister Amanda.  I'll be running this blog and trying to keep everyone updated while she is on her mission.

If you have any questions you can email me at

Jayne's email address is and I  know she would love to hear from you!

I'm going to miss her like crazy, but I know that she will do great things and her mission will be a big blessing to not only her and our family, but for the people of Korea!  We sure love you Sister Lee!