Monday, February 27, 2017


This week has been one of the best weeks on my mission so far!!  There have just been all these miracles we are seeing, people wanting to get baptized, helping people get to the temple, it  has just been really good!
So funny story that just happened.  Earlier this week we met a lady on the bus who stopped us and told us she wanted to learn english and that she would give us free massages for it.  Well my companion has a really bad back and we have been trying to find a masseuse for her and so this was a really big answer to our prayers.  So today we set up an appointment to go and meet with her and so my companion could get that massage.  But it turned on her.  So we first walked in and there was this oriental man sitting there with a ponytail just listing to zen music.  We really had no idea what was going on.  So we started talking to him and then all of the sudden they told us their priest was coming,  and we are so confused.  So they made us go into this massage room and there was a priest sitting there...... and he asked if we can pray.  So we prayed together and then he asked if we came prepared to learn about Christ... and my companion's face and mine were so confused.  We tried to tell them that we were here to teach them about Christ, but obviously we don't think they understood.  So we told them that we had another appointment and that we really needed to go and then we left as fast as week could.  And it was really just awkward and it was just super funny.

But this week has been super good we are seeing miracles every single day and it's amazing!  I don't think I have ever met more prepared people in my life.  It's amazing to see how the Lord has prepared people here on the island of Jeju.
Have a good week!
Sister Lee

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Plane rides...

The reason why I didn't email yesterday is because I got transferred!  It was really sad for me to say good bye to all of the members in Andong and especially our new investigator, but I am really excited about this next transfer!  So I got transferred to Jeju!  Look it up!!  I am super excited about it.  Jeju is an island off of Korea and I had to take a plane ride yesterday to get to my new area!  It's a super pretty island with palm trees and I get to see the ocean everyday so I am super excited about that!  It's way more city than my last area which I was in the country.  My new companion is Sister Kraymer from Portland Oregon.
So last week in Andong we had a lot of our members have birthday parties and let's just say there was a ton of karaoke and people dancing.  My companion and I just sat there and ate dinner while they did these things.  We also kept meeting with our new investigator (김예숙) kim yeah sook and we met with her every single day.  It was amazing!!  She has so many questions about the gospel and she knows everything we are teaching is true and she is trying to apply it in her life every single day.  I really can't say how amazing she is.  So on my last day in Andong she invited us over to dinner to eat and she taught me how to make Korean food and it was super fun.  We also met her husband and he was totally supportive of us teaching her which was even better.  I really hope that she will continue to learn and grow in the gospel and I was so sad to leave her, but I know Sister Feinga will be there to teach her and help her learn about the gospel.  Love you all!!

Monday, February 13, 2017


Dong Hwan Jeong, 50, and Jung Suk Kim Jeong, three children, Anyang Ward, Seoul Korea South Stake: Korea Busan Mission, succeeding President Kenneth S. Barrow and Sister Diane Barrow. Brother Jeong serves in a mission presidency and is a former stake president, bishop, high councilor, ward mission leader, Sunday School teacher, and missionary in the Korea Pusan Mission. Service center manager, Corporation of the Presiding Bishop.  Born in Icheon, South Korea, to Moo Hong Jeong and Jeongboon Kim.

Sister Jeong serves as a ward Young Women president and is a former stake and ward Young Women president, ward Primary president, Sunday School teacher, and seminary teacher.  Born in Youngdeok, South Korea, to Jikwon Kim and Songgu Cho.


I don't think I have ever been this sad or happy on my mission.  So the first thing that happened this week was we were teaching one of our investigators and she has had so much potential in the gospel. She has been coming to church every Sunday and has been keeping our commitments.  And then this week she told us she doesn't believe in anything that we have taught her.  That the BOM is not a true book and it doesn't fit her life style and that she doesn't was to meet anymore.  And it was a literally a heart breaking experience for me.  It just made me so sad that someone I have loved so much choose to reject something that would give them so much happiness.  So after that experience happened I was really confused about what God's plan was for me in this mission.

... but then the miracle happened.  We were with the Elders going to a meeting and they got a call from this lady and the Elders couldn't understand her so they gave the phone to us.  And this lady was curious about our church so we set up a appointment to meet with her after our meeting.  When we went and met with her we were able to hear her story.  She used to drive by the church everyday and felt like she needed to learn more about it.  So one day a couple of years ago she went to the church on a random day and nobody was there.  She kinda just forgot about it until a couple of days ago when she felt like she needed to learn more about the church.  So she googled the name and found out number on and it took her a couple of days to call us because she was scared, but finally she called us.  When I heard this I was seriously so amazed!  This lady is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met!!
She has so many questions about our church and so we are just trying to answer them the best we can.  She ended up coming to church this Sunday and the members just fell in love with her, they all couldn't stop talking and they were all being such good member missionaries.  It was one of the best things I have seen on my mission.

I have learned this week that we really have to follow God's plan.  We might have a way that we want to go, but God really does give us miracles in our lives and I have seen it through this one investigator this week!
I love you all!!
이 자매

With a member at church

Playing phase 10

Us eating chicken and playing phase 10

Monday, February 6, 2017


This week we have spent a lot of time on buses!  First, I went on an exchange this week with our Sister Training Leaders and it ended up being a super fun exchange!  We met this girl on the bus and we gave her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read it later, but instead she started to read it right then and there!  After about 10 minutes we asked her if we could meet again and she said yes so that was super cool!  We also had another mission tour this week and we had Elder Choi of the seventy come and talk to us!  It was super good!!  He gave us a lot of great advice on how we can be more successful as a missionary.
We also found a JOHNNY ROCKETS while we were in Degu!!!  So we went and ate real american burgers and they were so good!  Sister Feiga and I were both pretty excited.  We also went and ate sorbean this week also and it was super good!  We also found an Auntie Anns here in Korea so we had pretzels too this week haha we have eaten a lot of food this week!  I hope you all have a good week!

Johnny Rockets


We went bowling for p-day today