Monday, December 26, 2016

Talking with Sister Lee!

Sister Lee's sister here.  We were able to Skype with Jayne last night.  It was definitely the best hour of Christmas!  It was so good to hear and see her and she looked so good!  She looks happy!!  We heard her speak Korean, which still sounds like gibberish to us.  And we kept cracking up when she would respond in Korean instead of English.  Especially saying "Ne" (Sounds like nay) instead of yes.  Her companion and her seem to get along really well and she loves the people she is serving.  She even likes the food! We sure love Sister Lee and are proud of her hard work!


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  This week has been super busy and super fun.  So we got to go to Busan and have our mission Christmas party which was super fun!! We got our Christmas packages there! Thanks!!!!  Then we spent most of our free time either proselyting or working on our decorations for our Christmas party.... we made so many snowflakes for our decorations.  Our Christmas party turned out really fun!  We did a play on Jesus Christ's life and each of the quorums did an act.  And then after that we just played games with the branch.  On Christmas morning we ate crepes with the elders and then after church we went and sang carols at a retirement home, and they didn't care if we sang well all they wanted was for us to dance around for them, so it turned out pretty funny.  We then went and put snowflakes on some of the members doors because we had too many snowflakes so we decided to go and show some of the members in the branch some love and attack them with snowflakes our 200 + extra.
 During the night we went and  proselyted for the rest of the day with the Elders.  But it was pretty much us just talking to drunk people all night.  That's pretty much my week!!  It was soooo good to talk to you guys!  Love you!!  HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

our play


Food the members gave us

Merry Christmas from Korea

Monday, December 19, 2016

HEY Cutie where you from?

This week I ate a lot of cuties.  In Korea it is cutie season, so we have gotten A LOT of cuties from members and strangers so we are constantly eating them and they are so good!!  Yesterday we went to go knock doors at this huge apartment building and on our way to one of the buildings I started talking to this Grandma and she invited us in to her house to come and eat!  So we went into her house and she started to talking to us and she told us that she goes to the church right next to us and she is contently reading the Bible.  We found out that she had read the bible 7 times last year and that she is continuing to reading the bible!  She gave us a ton of cuties to eat and also a ton of jello to eat. And she didn't have any interest in meeting again so we left and on our way out we started talking to this other grandma and she invited us to her house to drink milk.  So we went into her house and she fed us milk, cuties, chocolate, apples, and Carmel!!  Ahh I was so full cause right before we went and knocked doors we had lunch with our branch and they fed us a ton of food.  But this lady was interested in the gospel and interested in learning more, so we got her number and were going to go back and visit her again!!
I also this week gave a talk in Korean in our ward on tithing.  It ended up me just reading of a piece of paper for 7 minutes but they understood me so... it was good.
We also went on exchanges this week and it was super fun!
Sorry I don't have much time to write, I have little kids around me asking me a bunch of question so I have to get off!!
Love you all!!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Elders in our apartment!

This has been a busy week.  Following the Light the World project the Church has put out, this week we went and helped out in a soup kitchen in Korea.  It was a really interesting experience.  We went to this Catholic Church and we helped them make the food, and then helped serve it.  It was super weird because it was like a a race.  They would open the doors and people would run in and eat there food and then run out.  Then we would clean it all up and then open the doors again and people would run in again and eat and leave.  It was really weird.  And I got told I was pretty a lot... and to give them more rice.  But I was glad we were able to help people!
Also this week we had to change one of our filters out in our water filter.  And it would not open!!  We tried for our whole lunch break and for our whole dinner break and it would not move!!!  So we ended up having to get permission for our elders to come over to our apartment to open it up and they could not get it open either!!  So after 30 mins they finally got our water filter open and we were able to have safe water to drink again.
It also was my companions birthday this week so I surprised her with a cake during church and we went and got sushi today for her birthday!!
We are also prepping for Christmas so this week we have made so many snowflakes.... So I am glad I get to at least make my own snow if I can't see much of it this year!
Love you all so much!!
이 자매

Monday, December 5, 2016

Can I get a picture?

This week my companion and I were going to go and knock doors in this huge apartment at the top of this hill.  On our way up, there was a group of school kids going down and when they saw me and they got super excited!!  They all were talking to me in their broken english asking me why I was here and how old I was.  And then this little boy just stopped and goes, "Can I take a picture with you?" And of course I said yes, but I told him I had to get a picture with them too.  And we talked to them for about 10 minutes and invited them to our English class.  But I think that experience will always stay with me because while I was talking to them I really left the love of Christ for them, and how much he loves little children and how much he loves me to send those little children to talk to me and make my day brighter just by talking to them!

Since it is almost Christmas I have been in a Christmas mood!!  So I made the elders and my companion set up our church Christmas tree and we decorated them so now it feel a little more like Christmas at our church!  We also put up a little tree in our apartment.  So I am able to get little pieces of Christmas in my life!  We are also doing the initiative the church is put out light the world! so if you have a chance go and watch the video!!

Love you all have a good week!

With the kids

My companion and I

A Korean house

Playing scum with the Elders in a Korean house

Monday, November 28, 2016


GUYS!!! I don't know if you know this, but it SNOWED in Korea this week!!!  I don't think I have ever been so excited!  So it started to snow during our English class, I got so excited I think I scared some of them!  I got my companion go outside with me and for the rest of English class we talked about snow!!  Korea doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so because of that the Elder companionship and I decided we were going to make Thanksgiving in Korea!!  We made mash potatoes, corn bread, chicken, pie, pizza, stuffing, and tons of fruit it was so good!!!  We also this week have been doing a lot of proselyting.  We went sticker boarding this week with our Elders for English class.  And it was so funny!  So we were asking people what their names were to get their attention.  So I asked this huge guy with his girlfriend what his name was and he just turned pale and got so scared, and ran away dragging his girlfriend behind him it was so funny!!
Love you all so much have fun in the snow!!

Our Thanksgiving dinner

Me in the snow

Buddhist Temple

Monday, November 21, 2016

I ate SHARK!!

This week was just another week of missionary work.  Our elders went on exchanges so for a while I was with three Korean missionaries, it was super fun and I got to learn a lot of Korean slang!!!  We also had zone conference this week!!!  Which is always super fun!!  So today for pday we went and ate Korean traditional food and part of that was shark!  It was super good and pretty much just tasted like fish.  We also went on like a walk by the river and went across this really cool bridge.

So cool story this week, so we were going to go and deliver these cookies to our branch president this week and when we went to the bus station to buy our tickets all of the sudden my companion said the name of a different town than the one we were supposed to go to.  And I have never heard of it before.  So we went to the town and we met a member there and we shared a message with her and she just started crying.  And said she was praying and we just gave her her answer she had been looking for.  Super cool experience being able to be guided by the Lord.
Love you all!!!

Zone Conference

all Koreans!!

Me on the bridge!!

Monday, November 14, 2016


This week we decided to go and visit one of our less active members who works at a Buddhist temple as a cook.  My companion and I have never been to the temple before and our instructions were to got to the river and then walk up the hill.  And so with those directions we went to find her and I don't think I knew Korea had so many big hills!  We ended up walking up three huge hills over half a mile long and all of these huge hills had no temples at the top.  So after a bunch of calls to members they told us where the right big hill was and we walked up it and found our member!!  And the monks were not there!!  That was a super big tender mercy from the Lord!! Because they weren't there we were able to teach her a lesson before the monks came!!  Super big tender mercy this week!!
I don't have much time this week but I love you all!!!

Landscape of Korea

I spilt rice on the group in our hallway​ 

We helped a member bury her radishes

The radish stems we hung up to dry to make soup!!
Our many hills

The Elders haha