Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Miracles are everywhere!

This week has been very big!
The first thing was Elder Oaks came to our mission and talked to us!  It was such a good experience and I have been so lucky on my mission to be visited by so many Apostles of the Lord.  You can tell that they are talking through the Spirit when they are answering the questions that are hard to answer.

The day that Elder Oaks came to our mission was a day full of miracles.  That morning we were proselyting and we were having no luck.  Everyone was ignoring us and we couldn't even get people to say hi back to us.  But in the last couple of minutes we found this girl and she said she wanted to meet with us that day, but because we had Elder Oaks coming we were not going to get home until late that night.  So we set up an appointment to meet with her at 8:45pm so we would only have 15mins to meet with her until we had to go home.  But we felt really strongly that we should meet with her that night.  So we set up the appointment and went to see Elder Oaks.  And coming home from seeing Elder Oaks was crazy. First of all the meeting ended late, so we had to literally run to catch the subway home, and right before we got on the subway we realized we didn't have the phone, but we didn't have time to go back.  So we were running around asking people if we could borrow their phone so we could call the Elders to have them bring our phone.  Then we were on the subway and my companion realized she forgot like half of her stuff so we had to borrow someone else's phone to call the Elders again.  And we found a lady who we had been talking with on the subway earlier again and she let us borrow her phone.  And then we ran from the subways to the bus and caught the bus right before it left, and then once we got off the bus we took a taxi to the church.  And somehow we got to the church at 8:40.  And the girl ended up not showing up... but it was okay. Because we saw so many miracles that day.  It just showed me that the Lord is on our side and he is going to do everything he can to help us out, but everyone has their agency.  So they can choose to meet with us or not to meet with us, and they choose to talk to us or ignore us.  But the Lord is going to put us in their way so they have the option to choose for themselves.  It was a super crazy night, but a good one.

This week has been pretty normal, proselyting, English class, studying, teaching, and just being busy. I have learned everyday there are miracles happening you just have to search for them and if you can't find them, you can make them!!
have a good week! 사랑해요 ~

Monday, May 22, 2017

i got kicked off the island!

Last week because it was Mothers Day I got to Skype my mamma, but because it was also transfer day and I got transferred, I wasn't able to email anyone last week.  I think being transferred from Jeju is one of the worst things that has happened to me on my mission, I was literally heart broken.  I have come to love everyone in that area so much and it was so sad to leave and leave my companion kim min su.  But I know that the Lord has bigger things in store for me in my new area.  But everything is good.  I got transferred to 호계(hoegay) and 신정 (shin jong) area.  So I am now over two areas and it is just a little more stress and a lot of names to remember.  But everything is going great!  I have a super cute new companion, park da jin,  from Seoul and I am follow up training her.  And we are just loving life and doing the Lord's work.  This week we were suppose to meet an investigator at the church, but we got punked.  Since they didn't show up, instead we went and ate this dock bokie that is the hottest of its kinda with the youth at the church and it was super fun.  It's like a noodle dish with red sauce.  But I really never want to eat it again.  But everything is good!!
love you all!!
이자매!!! ​
Saying goodbye to members in Jeju

Skyping for Mother's Day 2017

Sister Lee had sent us some Korean clothes so we played dress up while we were waiting for her to get on to Skype.

Then the real fun began! We got to talk to Sister Lee!! She is doing se well and looks so good.  You can tell she really loves the people of Korea! She claims she still struggles with the language, but she spoke  and even sang to us in Korean.  She is getting ready to be transferred, but didn't know where she would be going. 

Crazy to think this is the last time we will talk to her until she gets home!! 

Monday, May 8, 2017


This week had been full of exchanges! Because my companion and I are STL's (Sister Training Leaders) we got to fly to south Busan and go on exchanges with all the sisters there.  In one week we have been able to stay at 5 different houses!  I also forgot to pack all my skirts, so I had to borrow clothes from other sisters..hahaha.  It was super fun getting lost in cities that I have never been on and being able to get and know the new sisters that just came into the mission.  We ended up going on three really long hikes last week, and went running.  So because of that my companion's legs and my legs have been pretty sore so we have been walking super slow!  But we were able to see a lot of little miracles and were able to have a ton of adventures.  When I was on exchanges we were talking to this grandma and she kept telling us that we were pretty.  And we told her no you are more pretty then us, so then she proceeded to show us how her fingers are not straight and how she has age spots, but then.... she took out her teeth and started waving them at us and it took everything for my companion and me had to not laugh. It was so funny.  Love you guys!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hiking and Hearts!!

Yesterday we went and climbed the second tallest mountain in Korea!!!!  It is pretty much just stairs the entire way up and down.  And so now all of us missionaries can barely walk because our legs hurt so bad.  It normally takes about 9 hours to hike, but because our Mission President had to catch a plane back home we ended up running down the mountain.  I think that is the biggest work out I will have on my mission!!!!  The hike is the reason why I am writing a day late.

This week has been a really good week.  We got to have interviews with our Mission President and have a zone conference.  This week we have been trying to go and visit as many members houses as we can and "heart attack" them and give them a general conference talk that applies to them.  It has been a really fun experience, we have had a lot of close calls with members coming home or leaving while we have been putting the hearts on their doors.

Before the hike