Wednesday, November 1, 2017


There she is!!!

Meeting her niece Bree for the first time!

Her Welcome Party at the airport

Her only food request was it had to be Mexican so we hit up Cafe Rio! 

Sister Lee is officially home and released!!! It's so nice to have her back! But I'm sure the people of Korea will miss her!

Monday, October 23, 2017


Sister Lee will be home on Halloween!!!!

Her flight should arrive in SLC at 12:47pm!!

Here are her flight numbers if you want to track her!
AA 8465 Busan Int to Tokyo
AA 8478 Tokyo to Dallas
AA 1597 Dallas to SLC

***Her homecoming talk is postponed for the time being***

We are all so proud of Sister Lee and can't wait to have her home!!!


This week has been super busy!
We went bowling with our elders on p-day and we also went to a meat buffet, ahh I love meat in Korea!  It is completely different then American meat, but I am pretty sure it is all just fat haha

We went over to a member's house because she was on bed rest and we wanted to visit her.  And while we were there her husband asked us to stay for dinner and then told us we had to make them dinner.  So that was a surprise!  We randomly had to make food for them... and we can't cook in Korea!!  So we made tacos in a Korean kitchen with Korean food, so you should all be very proud of us because that was hard!

We also went on exchanges which was fun and I taught the Korean girl I was with how to make smores and she was freaking out and kept eating them .

So on Sunday we met with one of our investigators who I met on the bus a couple of transfers back.  We have been doing the 30/30 program with her.  Where we teach 30 mins of English and 30 mins of Gospel.  She told me from the beginning that she has no gospel interest only English interest and that she doesn't have a religion.  But every single time I have met with her, we feel the spirit so strong and it has been some of the strongest times I have ever felt the spirit on my mission.  Well this week she came to our meeting and told us that she has read the BOM!!!!  And I was so shocked, she only read the introduction but I never thought she would.  And instead of teaching English we just answered her questions about the BOM and lessons we have taught!  And she said she would come to church on Sunday and she told us she would never come when we asked her before.  It is amazing to see how her heart is being soften and how the spirit is working in here!

It was my companion's half way mark and so she bought a pumpkin pie at Costco and we ate it with the Elders and a member and also made mac and cheese because the member wanted mac and cheese and my comp doesn't like Korean food.  That was super funny, we found out Koreans don't like pumpkin pie it was so funny watching them try and eat it.
Also some of the Elders bought me cheese!!  So I was super excited!
Love you all
See you next week!!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2017


This week has been a super busy week, we have had about 4 appointments with members every single day.  We had one of our less actives, who had been coming to church the last couple of weeks, is moving so we wanted to meet with her before she moved and make sure she continued to go to church in her new ward.  So it all started with her telling us that she was coming to our house to pick us up 2 hours before out appointment.  So we didn't get to study and we went and met her outside of our house, and first she took us a market and was picking out food for the lunch she was going to make us.  And she just kept buying food, it was crazy!  She just kept saying, "Do you like bread, fish, meat, fruit, veggies?"  And if we said no she would keep asking until we said yes.  And we had another member who we were meeting with together after her and it was just crazy.  She then drove us to her house and it was in the middle of nowhere and started feeding us so much food, like the food didn't stop coming and she would let us leave!!  We kept trying to leave, but she wouldn't let us go, and we were going to visit one of our investigators with the other member that was there.  We ended up being there for 5 hours and it was so hard for us to leave them.  But we survived!!

We also have one of our members who is on bedrest so we went over to her house and while she laid down we made cookies and bread at her house for her and then we went and gave it to her neighbors and some of our investigators.  So that was really fun and they turned out really good because she had an oven!

We went on exchanges again this week and we met a super cute investigator that we found through face painting in our downtown.  That was super fun.  So we went and did face painting again hoping we can find even more!
Love you all
이 자매   ​


Face painting


Monday, October 9, 2017


This week we really haven't done anything productive to be honest.  It was chuseok this week (the Korean version of Thanksgiving) and when that happens missionary work stops in Korea for about a week.  There is no one on the roads it's kinda weird, and everyone goes to visit their grandparents for a whole week.  It's super hard to do missionary work because you can't call people, visit people, or members so we had no idea what to do.  But we had a super fun week!!

The first thing we did was we went and did Korean archery with a couple of companionships in our zone and it was super fun!  We got pretty good at it until some old grandpas came over and told us we were doing it wrong and had us shooting the arrows up in the sky, but it was super fun. 

We also went on a couple of exchanges and it was super fun getting to know the sisters better.  I got to go back to Hogue and see some of the members again, which was super fun.  They were all super confused why I was there again, but it was a good time.  It was really weird going on exchanges with missionaries who just came into the field a couple of weeks ago.  It really has shown me that I have progressed in the language and I haven't even realized it.

We also had a culture day this week were we went to a historical site and did a tour of them.  Our mission president also gave us a mission where we had to take pictures with all these random people. It was super funny watching all these foreigners going up and asking people if we could take pictures with them, and half the time it ended up them talking pictures of us and not getting in the pictures with us which was super funny.

We also had SPORTS day this week!!  And let me tell you Korean sports are a lot different then in America.  We ended up having a race in who could make a house of cards faster.  We also played balloon volleyball, and dodge ball.  It was super fun and all the sisters had matching grandma pants and so it was super fun!!

We also watched General Conference this week!!!!!  It was so good!!  I really have come to know that General Conference answers all your questions.  It amazes me every single time how you get personal revelation from it.  It was super good and I can't wait to be able to reread the talks.

Now on one of my exchanges we went and visited a member and she fed us so much food to the point where me and the girl who I was on an exchange with were going to die.  But the girl I was on a exchange with was Korean and she kept telling the member that she was going to give her a massage because she worked so hard on the food for us.  And so after we ate this grandma laid on the ground and she stared to massage her....and then she made me join.  I don't think I ever would of thought that I would be in Korea massaging a grandmas butt...but it happened.
love ya all!