Monday, August 29, 2016

More MTC pictures

A Sister from the MTC just emailed me these pictures from one of our P days


This week has been a fun week.  It is starting to cool down here, so we're not sweating as much. Which is super nice.
This week while we were looking for a less active member's home, we saw this grandma watering her plants and asked her if we could help.  And she just told us to follow her.  So we followed her into her house and she just started feeding us.  She was giving us this drink that took over 3 years to make. And then bread, and cucumbers (whole huge cucumbers), potatoes, and a ton of tomatoes... so many tomatoes.  And she just kept feeding us and we really had no idea what was going on because she just kept telling us to eat.  So we finally got her to talk to us and she was telling us because we were kind to her, she wanted to be kind to us.  It was just so sweet!  And we got her to let us help...but it's in November and she said we could come back and help her make kimchi, but both Sister Gomez and I most likely won't still be here then.  So we were sad about that, but we are going to try and move that date up.

We also met another grandma when we were out proselyting.  And she started talking to us super fast and in a thick accent and she kept looking at me and smiling.  And I couldn't understand her at all, and all of the sudden my companion turned to me and told me to answer her and I had no idea what was going so I said yes... it turns out she wanted me to marry her 40 year old son.  And I agreed to marry him!  And she was telling us that we can force him to come to church with us.  Only if I marry him.  And she got our number from us because one of our cards.  So she is going to call us so we can set up the date. We are going to try and refer him to the elders.... haha

This week in Korea it was super hot then the next day it was cold and we are so excited. Because now it's just raining and cold so we are having so much fun being outside.

We also had stake conference this week and our recent convert got to see how big the church really is. It was a super good experience for her and we got to see all the missionaries in our Zone which was fun.

that about it for my week!
Sorry no pictures!

Monday, August 22, 2016


This week we had this huge activity planned to try and find more investigators.  Our Ward Mission Leader wanted us to plan a Hawaiian party and teach people how to hula and do the haka and then eat afterward.  We went to a member's work and got invitations made and we asked for 100 invitations. And when we got there they had made us over 500 invitations to pass out.  So we were determined to get people there.  We split the stack in half with our Elders and we went out and were handing the invitations to everyone.  My companion and I passed out our 250 invitations and so we went and took over 100 invitations from our Elders and passed them out.  And we had people telling us that they were coming so we were super exited!  We also were going to our really country areas and were handing out invitations to our less actives in that area.  We found the cutest dog when we were out there!  She had puppies and you could tell all she wanted was for someone to love her.  So we kept playing with her and her puppies while we were waiting for the bus.  We were having so much fun passing out the invitations and talking to a lot of people.  We ended up passing out over 420 invitations to people on the street and the day of the party happened and no one person showed up... not ever our Ward Mission Leader who planned it with us!  It was just so funny!!  So we ended up going and grabbing two of our members from their house and we went along with the activity and then our Branch President came with his family and we taught them.  We ended up having a really good time with them.  The activity didn't turn out how we wanted it to, but it was a really strong testimony builder for me.  That sometimes things don't happen like you want them to, but God has a different plan and maybe all of those people we handed out invitations to were not ready for the gospel then.  But later they will be!!  That's something I have learned a lot on my mission.  And to always be positive because negativity never gets you anywhere!

One day we were out proselyting and one of our members called us to come over to her house to eat right then.  We went over and all of the sudden it started raining out of the middle of nowhere.  And we didn't have any umbrellas so we just walked to the members house in the rain.  By the time we got there we were completely soaked!!  We were just dripping wet.  It was funny to see her face when she saw us so wet.  But it was a good day!!

We have also been proselyting a lot with the origami fortune tellers we made and we have been getting a lot more success with them.  So we're having fun with them!  We also went on a hike today to a top of a mountain.
Love you all! Have a good week!!!

In the country

The cute mama dog!

Me and a puppy!!

Puppies we found

When it suddenly started raining on us

Our Hawaiian activity

Our party

Korean House that was super cool 

On top of the mountain

Monday, August 15, 2016

It's Hot

This week nothing really exiting happened.  We had area meeting this week and I got to see Reagan Sandstorm.  It's crazy that we are serving in the same mission.
We also went on exchanges this week and it was super fun.  I got to stay in our area and lead it for a day.  And I am glad to say we didn't get lost!!
Our investigator that just got baptized, 한성추 (han-song-joo), is going to a YSA activity this week and we were so excited that she was going.  She needed a skirt for the dance they were having so we told her she could borrow one of ours because we have never seen her in a skirt and we really badly wanted to see her wear a skirt.  So one day this week we brought our skirt and some shirts for her to try on and it was so much fun!!  We just kept giving her outfits to try on!  We seriously just love her so much and it is so cool how committed she is to the gospel now and she had only been a member for a couple of weeks.  We also had our investigator come to church again on Sunday!!!  We are so excited for her.  And she had started opening up more and actually talking to us during our lessons and making jokes so we are just having so much fun with her!!
That's about it for my week love you all!!
Enjoy the Olympics for me!!

Our origami fortune tellers

Area Meeting

Monday, August 8, 2016


I have come to find that Korea has this food called mandu, and it is amazing!! Well I have been trying to learn how to make it so I have been asking people for recipes and this one member told us to come over to his house for lunch and when we got there he just had a ton of mandu.  And he just kept cooking more for us and more.  After the third round of mandu I just looked over at my companion because I could not eat any more.  Then he brought out two more rounds and he was just loving that we were eating it.  Eventually we told him we had another appointment to go to so he stopped cooking it.  I really couldn't eat for like 2 days after that appointment.
We also are trying to find investigators so were trying to come up with creative ways to go out and proselyte everyday.  We decided to make these huge paper fortune teller origami things to go out and get people to talk to us so hopefully they will work when we go and try them out this week!!
We also had a member come to our house and just give us a watermelon out of the blue and I was so excited for it.  So I broke my fast Sunday night by just cutting the watermelon in half and eating it. That was one of the best ways I have ever broken a fast.
Love you all!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Ice Valley

So this week we have been having the most amazing thunder and lighting storms every night. And it is so weird we will be doing our normal days activity and there is not a cloud in the sky and then right when we get home they sky starts going crazy and there is just lighting all around us and thunder and it seriously is the coolest thing.  One of the nights it wasn't raining, but there was a ton of thunder so we ran up to our roof and contacted people while watching the thunder and lighting.

Today we were able to go to the coolest place every with our elders and a member.  It's called Ice Valley.  I couldn't understand much, but there is this place is miryang in the mountains.  Where it feels like AC is blowing constantly out a pile of rocks.  It is so weird, but so cool.  And it feels amazing because Korea is just so HOT!  And then in the winter it blows hot air.  I have no idea why it does this but it is the coolest thing ever.  And it was such a fun hike.

After our hike we went to a fish museum with our member and it was so cool.  They were a ton of different kind of fishes and then they had this area where you put your hands in and the fish came and clean your hands off it ticked so bad.

We also had one of our investigators come to church yesterday and we were so exited.  She is 15 years old and super quiet, but the more we keep meeting with her and talking to her the more she is starting to open up to us and it amazing to see the difference in her attitude now.  And we just want to see her get baptized so bad because we just love her.

So if you ever are going to visit Korea just know this it is so HOT here and you will sweat a ton!! And that the people here are so nice and they will stare at you if you're white.  There are dogs everywhere and if you pet them they are your best friend.  And ice cream is cheap!!

Love you all!!!
이 자매

Fish Museum


The rock where the air comes from

Korean Countryside