Monday, July 31, 2017

Walk towards the Mountain!

This week has been really fun!  The first thing was we had interviews with our new mission president.  Interviews went really well and he gave me some good hints into how to try and find new people to teach.  He also told me that my kids will be serving in the Busan Korea mission in the future and that was interesting.  We will see if he is right haha
We had one of our investigators take us to the beach this week and it was so pretty and we found a starfish! There was no one on the beach because Koreans don't swim.

Then last night we had a really cool experience.  So all of our appointments got cancelled on us so we decided to go and make message cards and just drop them off to some of the members.  So we went and dropped of our last message card and we were going to go and try and talk to people on our way home.  So we were walking and I felt like we needed to go towards this mountain and so we started walking towards it.  And as we were walking we got stopped by this river so I was trying to figure out how we could walk towards this mountain, if maybe there was a bridge we could cross.  And while we were looking at the river this couple pulled up and we started talking to us.  And they invited us in to have coffee with them at their shop.  And that does not happen at all in Korea.  We were super surprised and super excited.  So we went to their shop with them and it turns out it was a quilting shop, and I started talking to her about how my grandma quilts and just about quilting.  And how a lot of people in Utah quilt and now she wants to go to Utah haha.  We ended up talking with them for a long time about our purpose as missionaries, why we are in Korea, their family, and just a lot of stuff.  And it was a really good experience, they didn't have any church interest.  But it definitely was a positive touch in their lives.  But we're going to try and visit them again later.  It definitely was where the Lord wanted us at the time and I am so grateful that we followed the Spirit and walked towards the mountain.

Another thing that happened this week was we had another investigator come to church! She is super cute and we met her on the road and we asked her when we could meet again and she said she could come to church with us.  And it was super good!  She had a ton of fun and we are meeting with her again today and we are super excited about it!  We also got a new investigator this week that scares me so bad.  We met her on the road.  So we will see how this week goes with meeting her.

Oh I forgot to add this, we made rice crispies for a ward activity because we had to make an American snack and they were a huge hit!  Koreans have never had them before.  The pictures is of one of the members he LOVED them and he kept holding the pan and just eating them saying how good they were and how he was going to get fat.  It was so funny they were all fighting over who had the pan and they ate them all super fast!


Korean ice cream! Yum!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Mistakes are Miracles!

This week has been full of miracles!
The biggest thing that happened this week was a blessing for serving in two areas.  So I have two areas and I don't know how to spell their names in Korean so I am just going to say S and H for their names to describe this story.
So this week my branch president of S called me and asked me to go and visit some members. So I went and called them and one lady I called was 이영화(lee-yong-hwa).  So I called her and the biggest thing happened was she told me she is bringing a friend to church this Sunday that she has been thinking about inviting for a while and that she wants us to come to church and meet her, but she told us she was coming to H church.  And we were a little confused about why she was coming to H church, but we didn't think anything of it.  So Sunday came around and we had her friend come with her 3 daughters to Church and we also had one of our investigators, Jen, come to church.  We have been trying to get her to come to church for a while now and so that was another miracle!  But then last night I called the S branch president and told him that  이영화 came to church in H.  And then he explained to me that it was 이양화**(lee-yang-hwa).  So I had accidentally got the names switched up when I called the wrong member....... But that was the miracle!!  If I never would have called the wrong member we wouldn't have gone to the H church that week and we would of never met that family that is willing to hear about the gospel more because the member would of not brought her friend to church.  It's amazing to see the Lord's hand in our life and sometimes we make mistakes and it's the Spirit working through us to help progress his work!

We also met a lady on the street who we had met earlier that week. We had gotten her number, but she got a new phone so we couldn't call her.  She was so excited to meet us again and so we set up a appointment to meet with her this week. I t was such a cool experience to see all the miracles we experienced yesterday.

We also went and had lunch with one of members in our ward and he was just such a sweet old man. He kept telling us about how he has copied all of the scriptures into his own hand writing and it was crazy how long it took him!  But it was super fun.ㅣove 이 자매

We also struggled with taking pics this week sorry haha. ​

Monday, July 17, 2017

Philippians and cockroaches

This week has been a super good week full of Philippians.  So during this transfer we have been looking for new investigators to teach and we have been praying and fasting to find some one who is ready to hear the gospel.  And these past couple of weeks we have just been finding people from the Philippians who are willing to listen to our message.  They are the most humble people I have ever met and they are so willing to listen to our message.  And because of that were just finding them everywhere we go.  The other day we found a couple of girls from the Philippians that are Jehovah Witnesses and they were so fun and we're going to meet with them this week and see what they believe and try and get them interested in this gospel.

Another thing that happened this week is we had another incident with the cockroach!!!  Yes now it is plural, we have two of them!!!!  Ahhh they are so disgusting!  So one day we were coming home and we always first go and check and see if the cockroaches are out and we didn't see any so we sat down and all of the sudden we saw one run across the ground.  So while we were looking for it, we found it in its normal place above the cupboard.  But it got there super fast, so we started moving some of our stuff around and another one jumped out at us!!!!  And it was huge!!  So we ran and got the vacuum and called our DL and told him we were leaving our house and ran outside of our house with the vacuum.  And once we got outside we were just staring at our vacuum because we didn't know what to do with it.  And a random Korean guy came over to see what we were doing and we told him we had a huge cockroach in our vacuum.  So he laughed at us and  emptied it out for us.  So we still have one cockroach in our house that we can't find, but we killed one!!!  So we're are still continuing the battle of killing the cockroach this week.
Love you all!
이 자매

Monday, July 10, 2017


So this week we have been having a lot of things happen.  The first one is Toby... Toby is the name we gave to the cockroach that is living in our house with us.  We have been trying to killing him all week and we have been failing.  So somehow he got from our laundry room to our kitchen and he is living above the cupboards in out kitchen.  And I so don't want him to come out, so we have trapped him in and so at least I know he is just going to be stuck there for a while!  We have also been trying to make different traps to get him out so we can kill him, but nothing is working very well.

Another thing that happened this week is while I was having family night in one of my areas, one of the Elders told me to come down stairs and when we came down stairs there was our branch president and his wife from my training area in Miryang!!!  It was such a good surprise!!  It was so good to be able to see them again and to be able to actually talk to them!

Another thing that happen is we have English class every single week, and some of our members bring their children to the class to learn English and they're crazy and no one will teach them but me.  But they are super fun and I love them!  And this week they came and gave me banana milk because it is one my favorite thing about Korea and they remembered that I like it!  It was one of the sweetest things I have ever gotten on my mission.  It was one of the biggest tender mercies.  This last week I felt like I was putting in so much effort to loving the people around me, serving my companion, and just trying my best.  And I felt like nobody cared for me.  But when I got this banana milk I just felt that someone cared for me and loved me here in Korea and it's something I haven't felt that much in my last couple of transfers, and it just reminded me that God loves me and he is looking out for me.  And it was a really great blessing and a good lesson that I learned from banana milk.  And funny enough I didn't get to have any of it because the elders and my companion drank it all.  But it didn't matter because of the love I felt from Heavenly Father and the members.

have a good week!! love ya!

Trapped Toby

Banana Milk

Monday, July 3, 2017


This week we have seen a lot of miracles.  The first thing that I have seen is I can actually speak Korean well enough to survive.  Haha so what I mean is right now with my companion, Sister Holyoak, I am follow up training her and she doesn't speak Korean at all because she is so new.  So I am required to translate everything and to write all our texts, and records and talk to everyone.  Before I have been able to do that, but I always had a companion that I could double check everything with and just make sure I am doing everything right.  But this transfer I feel so blessed with the gift of tongues and it's really cool to see that when the Lord requires you to do something, he will help you fulfill it.

Another miracle we saw this week was with our investigator Jen.  Jen is from the Philippians and she is Catholic, but she likes learning about different religions and she really likes our church and the differences we have in our church compared to her church.  We were able to meet with Jen this week and we taught her a really good lesson about the commandments and how it's important that we keep them.  And the lesson went really well.  But then this happened a few days later..... So we were getting ready to go to English class and Jen called us and was kind of frantic.  So her husband had gotten really sick and had to go to the hospital.  And she wanted us to come over and pray with her.  It turned out the hospital was right in front of our church in 호계.  So we ended up not going to English class and rushed over with the Elders so maybe they could give her husband a priesthood blessing.  It turned out we couldn't give him a blessing because we couldn't get inside the hospital room.  So instead we just prayed with her outside of the hospital room, and then afterward we went and showed her our church because it was so close!  And it was amazing!  She asked so many question about everything in our church and we just sat there for an hour answering her questions.  It was really cool experience.  She wasn't able to make it to church that week, but it was such a good meeting and we could see the Lord's hand that day helping Jen come closer to Christ.  That's just one of the miracles we saw this week!

I also just got told they are booking our airplanes tickets for me to come home and that is so crazy!!
I still feel like I just got here in Korea and I am not ready to go home yet!!
Have a good week!
이 자매
getting sushi with a member 

we found a huge batman while proselyting 

 It rained on us on the way home so we got soaked