Monday, July 17, 2017

Philippians and cockroaches

This week has been a super good week full of Philippians.  So during this transfer we have been looking for new investigators to teach and we have been praying and fasting to find some one who is ready to hear the gospel.  And these past couple of weeks we have just been finding people from the Philippians who are willing to listen to our message.  They are the most humble people I have ever met and they are so willing to listen to our message.  And because of that were just finding them everywhere we go.  The other day we found a couple of girls from the Philippians that are Jehovah Witnesses and they were so fun and we're going to meet with them this week and see what they believe and try and get them interested in this gospel.

Another thing that happened this week is we had another incident with the cockroach!!!  Yes now it is plural, we have two of them!!!!  Ahhh they are so disgusting!  So one day we were coming home and we always first go and check and see if the cockroaches are out and we didn't see any so we sat down and all of the sudden we saw one run across the ground.  So while we were looking for it, we found it in its normal place above the cupboard.  But it got there super fast, so we started moving some of our stuff around and another one jumped out at us!!!!  And it was huge!!  So we ran and got the vacuum and called our DL and told him we were leaving our house and ran outside of our house with the vacuum.  And once we got outside we were just staring at our vacuum because we didn't know what to do with it.  And a random Korean guy came over to see what we were doing and we told him we had a huge cockroach in our vacuum.  So he laughed at us and  emptied it out for us.  So we still have one cockroach in our house that we can't find, but we killed one!!!  So we're are still continuing the battle of killing the cockroach this week.
Love you all!
이 자매

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