Monday, November 28, 2016


GUYS!!! I don't know if you know this, but it SNOWED in Korea this week!!!  I don't think I have ever been so excited!  So it started to snow during our English class, I got so excited I think I scared some of them!  I got my companion go outside with me and for the rest of English class we talked about snow!!  Korea doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so because of that the Elder companionship and I decided we were going to make Thanksgiving in Korea!!  We made mash potatoes, corn bread, chicken, pie, pizza, stuffing, and tons of fruit it was so good!!!  We also this week have been doing a lot of proselyting.  We went sticker boarding this week with our Elders for English class.  And it was so funny!  So we were asking people what their names were to get their attention.  So I asked this huge guy with his girlfriend what his name was and he just turned pale and got so scared, and ran away dragging his girlfriend behind him it was so funny!!
Love you all so much have fun in the snow!!

Our Thanksgiving dinner

Me in the snow

Buddhist Temple

Monday, November 21, 2016

I ate SHARK!!

This week was just another week of missionary work.  Our elders went on exchanges so for a while I was with three Korean missionaries, it was super fun and I got to learn a lot of Korean slang!!!  We also had zone conference this week!!!  Which is always super fun!!  So today for pday we went and ate Korean traditional food and part of that was shark!  It was super good and pretty much just tasted like fish.  We also went on like a walk by the river and went across this really cool bridge.

So cool story this week, so we were going to go and deliver these cookies to our branch president this week and when we went to the bus station to buy our tickets all of the sudden my companion said the name of a different town than the one we were supposed to go to.  And I have never heard of it before.  So we went to the town and we met a member there and we shared a message with her and she just started crying.  And said she was praying and we just gave her her answer she had been looking for.  Super cool experience being able to be guided by the Lord.
Love you all!!!

Zone Conference

all Koreans!!

Me on the bridge!!

Monday, November 14, 2016


This week we decided to go and visit one of our less active members who works at a Buddhist temple as a cook.  My companion and I have never been to the temple before and our instructions were to got to the river and then walk up the hill.  And so with those directions we went to find her and I don't think I knew Korea had so many big hills!  We ended up walking up three huge hills over half a mile long and all of these huge hills had no temples at the top.  So after a bunch of calls to members they told us where the right big hill was and we walked up it and found our member!!  And the monks were not there!!  That was a super big tender mercy from the Lord!! Because they weren't there we were able to teach her a lesson before the monks came!!  Super big tender mercy this week!!
I don't have much time this week but I love you all!!!

Landscape of Korea

I spilt rice on the group in our hallway​ 

We helped a member bury her radishes

The radish stems we hung up to dry to make soup!!
Our many hills

The Elders haha

Monday, November 7, 2016


This week has been super exciting and busy.
First off I met with the lady named Victoria.  She is from Russia and she is living in Korea as an English teacher.  We went and had dinner with her and it was interesting... the first thing she asked me was if I knew what the definition of Mormonism was.  And so I said yes and explained why we have the nick name Mormons and where it came from.  But she didn't like that answer and she told me I was wrong and she told me the actual definition of Mormonism is polygamy.  Once she said that I knew it was going to be an  interesting meeting. We talked a lot about our church and what we believe and she said a lot of interesting comments like.  Jesus is ugly, God doesn't love everyone, you guys think you are gods, and so much more.  It was so fun talking to her and I am going to meet her again after she reads the Book of Mormon so will see how everything goes!!!

We went and farmed again and this time we farmed GINGER!!!  It was so cool.  This less active in our ward needed help so we went to help and it was really funny.  When she first saw me she started shaking her head and telling me i wasn't warm enough so she gave me this huge vest to put on.  The funniest thing was the Elders were just in t-shirts!  So I think we know who she likes best!!

We also went to a performance of one of our investigators daughters and I don't think I have been so shocked in my life before!!  There was smoke, fire, confetti, prizes, signs, banners, flowers thrown on the stage.  And this all was just for 3 year old at a daycare performing.... I was literally sitting there in shock.  So Korea goes big on their kid's performances... so big.

We also we played scum this week with all the yw and ym and I kept winning so they kept saying the  Lee dynasty is upon them hahah so fun!!!

Love you all! Have a good week!!!

Ginger picking with my companion

Rice Fields


Wednesday, November 2, 2016


This week has been pretty busy, so first off the reason I am emailing so late this week is because on Monday we went and picked apples for a less active in our ward and then right when we got home we got a call for from one of our members in our ward telling us she needed our help with her Halloween party. So we went over to her english school and played games with all the kids.  So we really didn't have a pday this week.

This week we mostly just worked on our Halloween decorations for our Ward Halloween party.  And it turned out so great!  We had a lot of people show up and it was a lot of fun!  We even had our investigators come to the party and they had a really fun time!  So much that they even came to church on Sunday!!!

The other biggest thing that happened this week was I cut my finger making the Halloween decorations.  I am ok, but I just can't move my finger because it's cut on the knuckle.  So I am cutting this email short because I can't type!!  haha

Can I tell you guys that I love the BOM so much!!!  This transfer we have been challenged to read the BOM in 6 weeks and mark every time it says Jesus name, his words and his actions.  It really has changed the Book of Mormon for me.  I have learned so much about Jesus and how much this book is about him and how much he truly love us.  My testimony has grown so much and I want to share it with you! So I want to challenge you to do this same thing i am doing!!!!  First step go and buy a cheap copy of the BOM, next buy four colors and mark his name, actions, and words.  Then with the last color versus you like.  Now I know you are all super busy so you don't have to do this all in 6 weeks, but once you have read it all or started email me and tell me!!!!!!! I love you and I love this gospel!!

Have a good week everyone!!