Monday, March 27, 2017

There is a mouse in the house!

This week has been a super fun week!  So funny story... This morning we were cleaning our house and my companion saw these black balls all around our shoes and in one of cupboards and she thought it was mouse poop.  So we just assumed we had a mouse in our apartment and that it was in the cupboard by our shoes... so we closed the cupboard with our shoes and tapped it shut, then we cleaned our house looking for this mouse and then we called our landlord to come and kill the mouse in our cupboard.  So our landlord came over with his wife and he started to look at the mouse poop and he found out that it was rubber.  Turns out when we went and played soccer this past Saturday with our ward we went to a different field and the turf looks like mouse poop.  So that was are funny experience for the day!  But this week has been a really good week. We have had a lot of appointments and we were able to finish teaching one of our investigators and she is getting baptized this Saturday so we are super excited about that coming up this week!  But everything is going good! Love you all!!!!!
With an American family in our ward, The Brucos

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Sorry for the delay, we had Zone conference this week which pushed my pday to Tuesday instead of Monday.
This week has been a week of incredible things!
So to start off this week we had a baptism!  We have been working as a team with the Elders helping one of our part-member's son, 김은주,  learn about the church and this week he got baptized!  We were all super happy that we have helped this family get one step closer to becoming sealed in the temple together!  After the baptism we had a BUNCO night with the ward and it was super fun!  It was so funny all the members were getting in to it and I think we will be playing a lot more bunco later on because they loved it so much!
More big news, one of our investigators, 임민유, is getting baptized in 2 weeks and we are so excited!  She is the cutest lady and she really truly is changing.  She said when she first met the missionaries it was like a ding happened in her head and that it was telling her that this is the church she needs to go to!  She is making so much progression and I feel like she is already a member!!  I could go on about how much I love her, but I don't have the time!
We also went and ate sushi this week and it was super good.  They serve sushi here in Korea it is so good and I don't think I have ever eaten more in my life!  It's really cool they serve it here on a conveyer belt and you just grab the one that you want!
I am just doing really good right now!  The Lord is blessing us here in Jeju and we are seeing so many miracles and we are so busy!  We barely have time to do anything, it is super fun!  Well I love you all! Have a good week!

Monday, March 13, 2017

ups and downs

Things I have learned on my mission;
Language doesn't matter
Korean food it really good
We are given hard times for a reason
There are ups and downs in life
Gods loves everyone individually
I love my family more than anything

This week has been really interesting.  The first thing is the investigator that had a baptism date this week dropped us out of the blue.  And at first we were really heartbroken and it was so sad seeing her give up something that would give her so much happiness.  But I know God has a plan with his timing, so later on she will remember the gospel and how much it helped her in her life and she will return back to it.
Another thing we did it was we went on exchanges and it was a blast.  So where I live in Jeju it is all Chinese people on vacation.  So we have been trying to figure out how to talk to Chinese people.  And this week we have found some simple english, a few chinese words, pictures, and with lots of help from the Spirit we are able to talk to them.  And it is amazing!  They are so willing to listen to us and they want to learn more.  So now we are emailing all of these Chinese people and it is amazing how the Lord is working through us.  We also promised one of our investigators who is 10 that if she prays every single night she won't have nightmares.  And we have been praying that this little girl will pray and have no nightmares.  And I am happy to say prayers work!  This little girl had no nightmares every single time she prayed!  We were so happy!  It really was just a huge miracle for her, showing that God is there and that he loves her and is looking out for her.  Well I hope you have a good week. Sending lots of love!!
Sister Lee

Monday, March 6, 2017

Mexican food and Chinese

Can I just say that I love Korea and that I especially love Jeju!
So this week we have been so busy running around from appointment to appointment that we have been super tired, but it has been amazing!  We have one investigator this week who has been progressing a lot and has stopped drinking coffee and is trying her best to follow all of the commandments so were super exited for her.  And we also have one investigator whose heart was completely closed to the gospel in the beginning, but has completely changed.  And she is wanting to know about God and is wanting to come to church and help others come to church so were completely excited over that.  And we are giving her a baptism date tonight so we are super excited about that!!  We are also having a lot of fun trying to figure out how to talk to all the Chinese people on vacation here in Jeju.  So we're getting messed up between English, Korean, and Chinese.  So sometime we are saying three different languages in one conversation and it's just getting really confusing, but we're having so much fun!  We also found a Mexican restaurant here and it was amazing.  I have missed tacos and chips and salsa!  Have a good week!