Monday, July 24, 2017

Mistakes are Miracles!

This week has been full of miracles!
The biggest thing that happened this week was a blessing for serving in two areas.  So I have two areas and I don't know how to spell their names in Korean so I am just going to say S and H for their names to describe this story.
So this week my branch president of S called me and asked me to go and visit some members. So I went and called them and one lady I called was 이영화(lee-yong-hwa).  So I called her and the biggest thing happened was she told me she is bringing a friend to church this Sunday that she has been thinking about inviting for a while and that she wants us to come to church and meet her, but she told us she was coming to H church.  And we were a little confused about why she was coming to H church, but we didn't think anything of it.  So Sunday came around and we had her friend come with her 3 daughters to Church and we also had one of our investigators, Jen, come to church.  We have been trying to get her to come to church for a while now and so that was another miracle!  But then last night I called the S branch president and told him that  이영화 came to church in H.  And then he explained to me that it was 이양화**(lee-yang-hwa).  So I had accidentally got the names switched up when I called the wrong member....... But that was the miracle!!  If I never would have called the wrong member we wouldn't have gone to the H church that week and we would of never met that family that is willing to hear about the gospel more because the member would of not brought her friend to church.  It's amazing to see the Lord's hand in our life and sometimes we make mistakes and it's the Spirit working through us to help progress his work!

We also met a lady on the street who we had met earlier that week. We had gotten her number, but she got a new phone so we couldn't call her.  She was so excited to meet us again and so we set up a appointment to meet with her this week. I t was such a cool experience to see all the miracles we experienced yesterday.

We also went and had lunch with one of members in our ward and he was just such a sweet old man. He kept telling us about how he has copied all of the scriptures into his own hand writing and it was crazy how long it took him!  But it was super fun.ㅣove 이 자매

We also struggled with taking pics this week sorry haha. ​

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