Monday, June 26, 2017

magical cockroach

So this week had been a week full of crazy adventures.  The first thing that happen was one of our investigators moved to Australia and is now trying to meet the missionaries there!  So we are super excited that she is continuing to meet with the missionaries!!
The next thing is we got to go hiking with one of our investigators form the Philippians.  She is so cute and she wanted to take us on a hike so we could have our weekly "prayer session" on the top of the mountain and it was super cool hike with all of these boulders everywhere.

The next thing that happened is it is getting super hot in Korea again.  And our AC is broken, so we have been having fans on all night to keep us cool.  And one night it was super hot so I went to get another fan.  And I didn't have my glasses on and I saw this black thing move... So I went and got my glasses on and this huge cockroach came out of nowhere and it was in our laundry room.  It is so big!!!  So my companion and I decided we had to kill it before we went to bed.  So we took everything out of the laundry room and would throw it out our door and we couldn't find it!  So we decided it was in our suitcases so we would take one of them out at a time and dump everything out and we still couldn't find it.  WE TOOK EVERYTHING OUT AND IT WAS NOT THERE!!  We have no clue where it was.  We decided it must of gone down the drain.  So we went to bed and then randomly it showed up again!!!!  The next night!  And so we did everything again and we still can't find that stupid cockroach!!  It is so bad!!  So yeah... the magical cockroach.
We also started teaching a new investigator through Skype.  She is too sick to leave her hospital and no one can visit her.  So we are teaching her through Skype and it's super interesting, we will see how it will go!!
It was also transfer day today and I got a new companion!!  She is super cute  and from Utah and I will send a picture and more info next week! Love ya!
이 자매​

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